Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Whippersnapper - Promises (1985 England) @320

Whippersnapper was an English folk band formed in 1984, consisting of Dave Swarbrick (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Chris Leslie (fiddle, mandolin, vocals), Kevin Dempsey (guitar, vocals) and Martin Jenkins (mando-cello, flute, vocals).
Swarbrick left the group in 1989, and the band continued as a trio until 1993, with the only album recorded that line-up being Stories. During that time, Dempsey and Leslie released an album called Always With You as a duo. The band split when Jenkins left the group in 1993. However, they did tour briefly again in 1994.

01 - Whenever
02 - Banks of the Sweet Primroses
03 - An Sean Bhean Bhocht
04 - John Gaudie
05 - One Way Donkey Ride
06 - Hard Times of Old England
07 - Downtown Rodeo
08 - Carolanning
09 - Loving Hannah
10 - Lizzie Wan

Dave Swarbrick: violin, mandolin, vocals
Chris Leslie: violin, mandolin, vocals
Martin Jenkins: mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals
Kevin Dempsey: guitar, vocals

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hoven Droven - More Happy Momments With... (Sweden 1999) [Folk-Rock] @256

The bad boys of Swedish folk / rock return with more great tunes, original and traditional, infused with brain tickling arrangements and head-banging grooves. On More Happy Moments... the Hammond organ of new member Janne Strömstedt provides a foundation for their great traditional and original tunes featuring the electric fiddle of Kjell-Erik Eriksson. 
On three tracks they are joined by the lovely female voices of Ulrika Bodén and Sofia Sandén (from Rosenberg 7 -- R7). Topping it off, it's an enhanced CD with five extra MP3 tracks and a "home movie" from Home Studios where the record was made.

01. Brekken    3:04
02. Möss och Människor    2:39
03. Vasen    2:56
04. Blinn Ulof    4:03
05. Ottje Pelle    2:46
06. Honing    3:20
07. Farväl alla vänner    5:08
08. Lycklig den som ogifter vore    2:56
09. Mørkertia    3:46
10. Jag for till stan...    3:25
11. Dortea    4:16
12. Myrslåttern    3:01
13. Herr Hillebran    4:22
14. Busters Doppolska    5:06

Bass: Pedro Blom
Drums: Björn Höglund
Fiddle: Kjell-Erik Eriksson
Guitar: Bo Lindberg
Organ, Accordion: Jan Strömstedt
Saxophone: Jens Comén
Trumpet: Gustav Hylén
Vocals: Sofia Sandén (tracks: 5, 8, 13), Stefan Sundström (tracks: 2, 7, 10), Ulrika Bodén (tracks: 5, 8, 13)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sibelius-Akatemian Folk Big Band - FBB (2014 Finland) @256

The strength of the SibA Folk Big Band (FBB) rises from the collective creativity of close to
40 folk musicians. Each member is a player, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, soloist and ensemble musician – as well as a skilled improviser! The orchestra performs without using a conductor or sheet music, with all the members communicating together in each given situation in a dynamic, rhythmic and expressive way, through improvisation and focus. 
Despite our careful research of historical singing and playing styles, we see folk music as something that lives strongly in the present. It doesn’t belong in museums; we live with it
every single day. The FBB is a part of a 10,000-year continuum, and the only way to continue is to keep creating new folk music. The end result is something unprecedented, powerful and contagious – it glows with pride for our own musical traditions!

01 - A-Taklax
02 - Kaivantomiehen Laulu
03 - Omatekopolkka  Vili-Vainaan Polkka  Reepakan Polkka
04 - Laulu Suomessa
05 - Haliasoitto
06 - Konstan Koko Tuotanto 16 Sekunnissa
07 - D-Mollisottiisi
08 - Neijon Valitus
09 - Maria Pohjan Neiti Osa I
10 - Maria Pohjan Neiti Osa II
11 - Vanhalla Nuorisoseuralla
12 - Paimendisko
13 - Ruskova
14 - Metsän Sävel
15 - Promootiokantaatti

Accordion [Five Row] – Juska Ojajärvi, Veikko Muikku
Accordion [Two-And-A-Half-Row] – Leija Lautamaja, Miia Palomäki
Arranged By – FBB* (tracks: 1, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13)
Cittern, Jew's Harp – Petri Prauda
Clarinet – Ine Nord
Double Bass – Anna Landvad, Elina Lappalainen, Mirva Tarvainen
Flute [Månmarkpipa], Sopranino Saxophone, Trumpet [Luikku] – Maija Kauhanen
Guitar – Jussi-Pekka Piirainen, Martin Gripentrog, Matias Tyni, Roope Aarnio
Harmonium – Helmi Camus, Lukas Kristo, Neea Harju
Harp [Folk Harp] – Niamh O'Brien
Kantele – Jutta Rahmel, Maija Pokela, Sarah Palu, Ulla-Sisko Jauhiainen
Nyckelharpa, Stroh Violin – Meriheini Luoto
Percussion – Minna Koskenlahti, Oskari Lehtonen (2), Tatu Viitala
Viola, Jouhikko – Iida Savolainen
Violin – Esko Järvelä, Matti Pitkänen (2), Nelli Ikola, Tero Hyväluoma
Violin, Jouhikko – Ella Isotalo, Nea-Maria Korpelainen, Päivi Hirvonen
Voice – Anette Åkerlund, Charlotta Hagfors, Désirée Saarela-Portin, Mirva Soininen, Noora Kauppila, Sirkka Kosonen, Zane Përkone
Voice, Triangle, Jew's Harp – Amanda Kauranne
Written-By – Trad.* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 8, 12, 13)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Nordic - Hommage (Sweden 2012) @320

The Swedish trio Nordic has become in a very short time one of Sweden’s leading folk related bands. Their debut album got great reviews and their live performance are known for their fabulous craftsmanship. Time to release a second album and that one is called Hommage. This new album contains nine original, one Bela Fleck and one traditional compositions. This new album continues where the first album stopped. The three musicians evaluated their music in an even more own style, mixing traditional elements with light elements of jazz and even some kind of an acoustic rock feeling. Beautiful melodies on hardanger fele and nyckelharpa, sometimes played lightly and sparkling, other moments backed by a heavy cello or pump organ which gives the music a more earthy sound. Some of the melodies sound like I knew them for years, while others surprise me with their inventive twists and unexpected musical arrangements. A wonderful new album by this top Swedish band.
© Eelco Schilder

1. Den Första (Vinjett)    3:45
2. Bruce    4:34
3. Döden    5:55
4. The Lochs Of Dread    4:48
5. 8-bitar    4:33
6. Morsis    5:24
7. Minous Vals    4:49
8. French Elephant Walk    3:42
9. Nordic Beat    4:41
10. Håkon & Michael    3:52
11. Jösses, Polska Efter Magnus Olsson    5:00

Erik Rydvall - nyckelharpa
Magnus Zetterlund - mandolin
Anders Löfberg - cello

Nordic - Metropol (Sweden 2008) @320

Nordic is one of Sweden’s best and most appreciated folk music bands. With an infectious charm and joy for playing, the band has made a name for themselves both in Sweden and abroad. The successes of recent years have led to several awards and have taken the band to stages in – amongst other places – Italy, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Latvia and Norway.
Experiment to find new expression
With roots in folk music and with deep-seated knowledge the trio experiment freely in a quest for new expression. The result includes film-like compositions filled with soundscapes, rhythms, groove, reggae and improvisation. The unusual setting of cello, nyckelharpa and mandolin gives the group its own unique sound and contributes to Nordic’s experimental expression.

01. Varacion andina   
02. Skatan   
03. Begåvningsmarschen   
04. Barriären   
05. The Breakdown   
06. Av längtan av glädje   
07. Vigselregn   
08. Balsamvals   
09. Ditte i Finnskogen   
10. Sigrid och småfolket   
11. Metropolitan   
12. Efter dig

Erik Rydvall - nyckelharpa
Magnus Zetterlund - mandolin
Anders Löfberg - cello

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Blowzabella - Bobbityshooty (England 1984) @320

1. Shave The Monkey / Boys Of The Mill     2:49
2. The Presbyterian Hornpipe / The Red Lyon     2:43
3. La Ronde Des Milloraines     4:41
4. Branle De Borgogne / Horses Branle     4:29
5. Bobbityshooty     3:59
6. Carl Wark     2:05
7. Eglantine / Man In The Brown Hat / Schottische Fran Havero / The Minah Bird     6:28
8. The Topman And The Afterguard     3:16
9. The Savage Hornpipe / The Gloucestershire Miner / William Taylor's Table-Top Hornpipe     4:12
10. Scaramouche / Kathryn Arwen's March     3:41
11. Blowzabella / Hon's Jig     4:51

Dave Roberts: melodeon, button accordion, whistle, percussion
Cliff Stapleton: hurdy-gurdies, alto recorder
Jon Swayne: English and Flemish bagpipes, flutes, soprano/alto/tenor/bass recorder, soprano
and alto saxophones, whistle, musette, bombarde
Dave Shepherd: violins, viola d'amore
Dave Armitage: bassoon, percussion
Paul James: English and Flemish bagpipes, soprano saxophone, soprano rauschpfeife, whistle, alto recorder, vocal, percussion

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blowzabella - Strange News (England 2013) @320

1. All Things Are Quite Silent (Roud 2532) (3.51)
2. Le Petit Chien / The Long Drive schottisches (5.16)
3. Malique bourrée in 2/4 (3.20)
4. Strange News (The Blacksmith) (Roud 816) (6.04)
5. Falco English rant step (5.10)
6. The Muffler / Bhaskar's mazurkas (4.23)
7. Black and White Box / Ubu the King schottisches (3.07)
8. Searching for Lambs (Roud 576; Henry H548) / Main Dans la Main waltz in 5 (6.16)
9. The Maple Tree / Glasshouse mazurkas (5.42)
10. Billy Ruffian / The Schoolhouse bourrées in 2/4 (3.52)
11. Nelly Was a Milkmaid (Roud 1606) (3.38)
12. The Diggers rondeau / Cotillon (4.37)
13. Shed Number 9 / Le Vicaire schottisches (4.25)
Andy Cutting: diatonic button accordion, triangle
Jo Freya: vocals, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones
Paul James: border bagpipes, soprano and alto saxophones, whistle
Gregory Jolivet: alto hurdy-gurdy
Dave Shepherd: violin, octave violin
Barnaby Stradling: acoustic bass guitar, octave bass guitar
Jon Swayne: border bagpipes, soprano and alto saxophone

Patrick Bouffard: hurdy-gurdy 

Blowzabella - In Colour (1983 England) @320

1. Polka Piquée (1.37)
2. Masters of War (3.54)
3. Rutchenitsa (2.36)
4. Captain Lemo / Robin's in the Green / Epic Branle (3.54)
5. Queen Adelaide / Bricks and Mortar (4.22)
6. Epping Forest / The Rolling of the Stones / Dans-tro Plinn (5.27)
7. Bourréees One and Two (4.49)
8. Farandôle Tarascaire / Trip to Lincoln (3.50)
9. Dorset Four Hand Reel / Twin Sisters / Sidbury Four Hand Reel (5.00)
10. Spanish Jig (La Fleur de Bruyère) (3.25)
11. The French Assembly (2.58)
12. Bourréees Three and Four (5.30)

Dave Armitage: vocals, bass curtal, drums, tapan, bombard
Paul James: vocals, soprano saxophone, English bagpipes, recorder, D whistle, soprano curtal, bombard, drum, percussion, triangle
Sam Palmer: hurdy-gurdy
Dave Roberts: vocals, button accordion, melodeon, C whistle, drum
Dave Shepherd: violins, bombard
Cliff Stapleton: vocals, hurdy-gurdy, recorder
Jon Swayne: vocals, piano, Bulgarian bagpipes, English bagpipes, Flemish bagpipes, soprano saxophone, flute, recorder, D whistle, tenor curtal, bombard

Max Johnson, Dave Mitchell, John Spires: vocals
The Amnesian State Folk Ensemble
Terry Chimes: drums

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pentangle - The Pentangle (2017 Remaster) [1968 England] @320

Pentangle's debut album is an outstanding and groundbreaking release for the times , as this was 68 . Folk had just experienced a revival in the early part of the decade and Dylan had launched folk-rock with his groundbreaking Highway 61 Revisited just a few years after. In Europe a Scotsman Donovan Leitch had become UK's answer to Dylan and had tremendous success. 
At the time of that Dylan H61R album, two Scotsman John Renbourn and Bert Jansch were both renowned folk artist a bit in the Raconteur-Troubadours tradition and had released a few albums each. Three other Scotsmen had also formed the Incredible String Band who had an outstanding series of three albums developing more than just Folk rock but mixing some psychedelic twist, other traces of medieval folk and Indian classical music. Somehow, one could not really say that they fitted well with other folk rock artist from The Byrds to Fairport Convention.
Review by Sean Trane (Prog Archives)

01 - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
02 - Bells
03 - Hear My Call
04 - Pentangling
05 - Mirage
06 - Way Behind The Sun
07 - Bruton Town
08 - Waltz
09 - Koan (Take 2) (Bonus)
10 - The Wheel (Bonus)
11 - The Casbah (Bonus)
12 - Bruton Town (Take 3) (Bonus)
13 - Hear My Call (Alternate Version) (Bonus)
14 - Way Behind The Sun (Alternate Version) (Bonus)
15 - Way Behind The Sun (Instrumental) (Bonus)
16 - Bruton Town (Take 5) (Bonus)
17 - Koan (Take 1) (Bonus)
18 - Travellin' Song (non-LP Single Version With Strings) (Bonus)
19 - Poison (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)
20 - I Got A Feeling (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)
21 - Market Song (August 1967 Session) (Bonus)

Jacqui McShee / vocals
Bert Jansch / acoustic guitar, vocals
John Renbourn / acoustic guitar, vocals
Danny Thomson / double bass
Terry Cox / drums, glockenspiel, vocals

Pentangle - Sweet Child (Expanded Edition) [1968 England] @320

Beautiful music that stands tall against the test of time. This is on of the children of the hippie-movement, but it does not sound dated or naive. The music is simple and complex in the same time. There is not many rock overtones here, this is pure folk with the clever amount of jazz, blues and medieval music thrown in for a good measure. Renbourn's guitar work is pure delight. Beauty of Jacqui's voice is outshining the rest of the female folk singers. Double bass is the band's trademark.
Review by clarke2001 (Prog Archives)

01 - Market Song
02 - No More My Lord
03 - Turn Your Money Green
04 - Haitian Fight Song
05 - A Woman like You
06 - Goodbye Pork-Pie Hat
07 - Three Dances Brentzel Gay; La Rotta; The Earle of Salisbury
08 - Watch the Stars
09 - So Early in the Spring
10 - No Exit
11 - The Time Has Come
12 - Bruton Town
13 - Hear My Call (Bonus)
14 - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Bonus)
15 - Bells (Bonus)
16 - Travelling Song (Bonus)
17 - Waltz (Bonus)
18 - Way Behind the Sun (Bonus)
19 - John Donne Song (Bonus)

01 - Sweet Child
02 - I Loved a Lass
03 - Three Part Thing
04 - Sovay
05 - In Time
06 - In Your Mind
07 - I've Got a Feeling
08 - The Trees They Do Grow High
09 - Moon Dog
10 - Hole in the Coal
11 - Hole in the Coal [alt. version] (Bonus)
12 - The Trees They Do Grow High [alt. version] (Bonus)
13 - Haitian Fight Song [studio version] (Bonus)
14 - In Time [alt. version] (Bonus)

Jacqui McShee / vocals
Bert Jansch / acoustic guitar, vocals
John Renbourn / acoustic guitar, vocals
Danny Thomson / double bass
Terry Cox / drums, glockenspiel, vocals

Duo Carvou / Bizien - An Amzer Gwechall (2011 France/Bretagne) @320

This excellent duo of musicians from Brittany, invite you to travel with them on traditional tunes and compositions which blends a varied repertoire.
The virtuosity is an appointment for an album of great musical quality.
They can usually be heard as members of Ozan Trio, Jamie McMenemy 4 and Deus’ta.
Malo Carvou and Bernard Bizien offer us a repertoire of Breton musique and “Swing Musette“. Seventeen years of complicity to be appreciated and share immoderately.
As musical combinations go, the duo isn’t as simple as it may seem, and the blend of wooden flute and guitar is no exception.
But in this recording the flute player Malo Carvou and the guitarist Bernard Bizien excel effortlessly with constant mutual attention, inspired interpretation, maestria, ease, splendour ... it’s all there. In short it’s art.
And in his adaptions of the musette repertoire, Malo’s virtuoso fluidity is a treat for the ear.Thanks to them both for this generous music.
Jean-Michel Veillon.

01. La gavotte passe   
02. An amzer gwechall   
03. Flambée montalbanaise   
04. Tcheu-tcheu mod koz   
05. Gavotte pour Françoise   
06. Ar Jilgamm (andro - hanter dro)   
07. Merhed er bregéreu   
08. Rêve bohémien   
09. Valse des niglos   
10. N'o ket en ho ti tavarnourez   
11. Mathew's waltz   
12. Gracieusette

Malo CARVOU : wooden flute
Bernard BIZIEN : guitar

Left Blank's Compil Folk 54

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Genticorum - Nagez Rameurs (Canada 2011) @320

1. Tout Le Long Du Voyage - Reel Inutile     4:50
2. Turlutte Hirsute     4:11
3. Nagez Rameurs     4:37
4. Les Menteries     4:40
5. Galope Doux Bedon     3:41
6. Reel Circulaire     6:03
7. Grand Voyageur Sur La Drave     4:41
8. Valse Des Poêles     4:04
9. Quand Chus Partidu Canada - Grand Reel Raccourci     5:43
10. Violon Guérisseur     5:21
11. Canot D'écorce     5:14

Pascal Gemme - Fiddle, Feet, Vocals
Alexandre De Grosbois-Garand - Wooden Flute, Fretless Bass, Fiddle, Vocals
Yann Falquet - Guitar, Vocals

Friday, January 12, 2018

Genticorum - La Bibournoise (Canada 2008) @320

01. La Grondeuse Opossum   4:04
02. La Bibournoise   4:34
03. Le Vingt D'avril   4:38
04. Le Brandy Culotté   5:52
05. Le Moine Blanc   4:01
06. Hommage A André Alain   7:41
07. Les Remon   4:39
08. J'y Vas Mon Train   4:15
09. Pinson Et Cendrouille   4:04
10. Valse Beaulieu   4:08
11. Les Culottes De V'lour   5:14
12. Le Pommeau   4:18

Fiddle, Feet, Vocals – Pascal Gemme
Fiddle, Fretless Bass, Wooden Flute, Vocals – Alexandre De Grosbois-Garand
Guitar, Jew's Harp, Vocals – Yann Falquet

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Genticorum - Malins Plaisirs (Canada 2005) @192

1. Les Cousinages     3:50
2. Cascou     4:45
3. Le Galant Et La Belle     4:02
4. L'avocatier     4:54
5. Les Tisserands     4:15
6. Méo Grain D'or     6:38
7. La Belle En Vous Aimant     2:11
8. Suite De Minuit     4:05
9. Méthé-Métis     4:22
10. Le Tic-Tac Du Moulin Et Les Matins Plaisirs     5:39
11. Bonnet D'ane     5:29
12. Le Berger Volage     5:16

Pascal Gemme - Fiddle, Violone
Alexandre De Grosbois-Garand - Flute, Bass
Yann Falquet - Guitar, Jew's Harp

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Galandum Galundaina - Senhor Galandum (Portugal 2009) @192

Galandum Galundaina is a Portuguese quartet that in the past fifteen years has been studying the traditions of the North Eastern part of Portugal. On traditional instruments such as several types of bagpipes, flutes, hurdy gurdy, percussion and vocals the band brings the traditional music in a highly professional way. The music might remind you a lot of the Galician tradition, which isn’t that strange seen the geographical location of the areas the music comes from and the fact that Galician singer Uxia is one of the guests on this album. 

It’s amazing how modern these old melodies sometimes sound. In the third song (sorry, but the song titles are not printed in the booklet I got so I don’t know the name of this composition) the hurdy gurdy plays a melody that would suit a rock band. Besides the good instrumental parts the strong vocal parts should be mentioned as well. An album full variation with strong music by a fantastic band.

01 - Fraile Cornudo
02 - L Pandeiro
03 - Rebola La Boda
04 - Burgalesa
05 - Senhor Galandum
06 - Cabalheiralgo
07 - L Cura Stá Malo
08 - La Galhina
09 - Coquelhada Marralheira
10 - Balsa Rastreira  Heilena
11 - Modas De Baile
12 - Senhor Mio
13 - Mie Madre Tenie Un Huorto
14 - Nabos (Cun Alheiras I Bino)

PAULO PRETO: Voz, sanfona, gaita de fole mirandesa, dulçaina, flauta pastoril e tamboril.
PAULO MEIRINHOS: Voz, bombo, rabel, gaita de fole, realejo, garrafa, castanholas, pandeireta, pandeiro mirandês.
ALEXANDRE MEIRINHOS: Voz, caixa de guerra, bombo, pandeireta, pandeiro mirandês, tamboril, cântaro, almofariz.
JOÃO PRATAS: Voz, flauta pastoril, flauta de osso, tamboril, saltério, flauta transversal, 
bombo, pandeiro mirandês, charrascas.

Monday, January 8, 2018


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Duo Blain-Leyzour - Duo Blain-Leyzour (2012 France / Bretagne) @320

The duo Blain / Leyzour present his debut album. This duet of Breton music from Nantes won a growing success with  fest-noz dancers who appreciate their varied repertoire, their dynamic interpretation and their good humor. The singing of Guillaume in French and Breton, gives a deep color and dimension to the dances chosen.
This album promises to be a milestone in the life of the duo as it is expected by fans increasingly numerous. Produced by "Aremorica Records" it is the first of a collection called "Daou" and devoted to traditional music duos.

01. Rond de Saint-Vincent 
02. Maraîchine
03. Kost ar c'hoat  
04. Rond de Sautron  
05. Valse  
06. Suite Plinn - Ton Simple  
07. Suite Plinn - Bal  
08. Suite Plinn - Ton Double  
09. Rond de Paludier 
10. Bal Paludier  
11. Gavotte des Montagnes  
12. Avant-deux de Travers  
13. Scottish  
14. Branle de Noirmoutier  
15. Mazurka

Guillaume Blain (chant, guitare acoustique)
Claire Leyzour (violon)

Invités :
François Badeau (basse)
Benjamin Goudédranche (hautbois, bombarde)
François Leyzour (veuze, biniou kozh)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ashley Hutchings & John Kirkpatrick - The Compleat Dancing Master (England 1973) @320

The legendary ASHLEY HUTCHINGS, band-leader extraordinaire, is also a multi-talented writer, arranger, producer and broadcaster. His influence and innovation are celebrated throughout the music world. The founder of Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and The Albion Band, Ashley continues to be in the forefront of English music.

01 - The Beginning of the World
02 - Reading from The Romaunt of the Rose
03 - Stantipes - Trotto
04 - Reading from Histriomastrix
05 - Nonesuch - Cuckold's All Awry
06 - The Dashing White Sergeant - The Devil Among the Tailors
07 - Reading from Much Ado About Nothing
08 - Haste to the Wedding - The Triumph - Off She Goes
09 - Reading from Analysis of Beauty
10 - Long Odds - Mr. Cosgill's Delight
11 - Reading from Sketches by Boz
12 - Bonny Breastknot - Double Lead Through
13 - Barley Break - Cushion Dance
14 - Reading from Orchesography
15 - The Hare's Maggot
16 - Sir Roger de Coverley

Bass Guitar – Ashley Hutchings
Accordion [Button], Percussion, Organ [Regal], Concertina [Anglo] – John Kirkpatrick
Alto Saxophone – Ray Warleigh
Bagpipes, Bass [Crumhorn] – Philip Pickett
Brass [Serpent] – Alan Lumsden
Cello – Alan Ward (3)
Clarinet – Richard Harvey
Drums, Percussion, Temple Block – Dave Mattacks
Drums, Triangle, Percussion, Snare [Tabor], Bass Drum – Roger Swallow (2)
Dulcimer [Hammer], Piano – Dave Kettlewell
Electric Guitar, Drums – Simon Nicol
Fiddle – Peter Knight
Hurdy Gurdy – Francis Baines
Oboe – Sue Harris
Organ [Mouth] – Terry Potter
Pipe, Snare [Tabor] – Bert Cleaver
Rebec, Viol [Tenor] – Rod Skeaping*
Spinet – Fanny Warnock
Tambourine, Percussion, Drum [Nakers] – Jeremy Montagu
Viol [Bass] – Adam Skeaping, Peter Vel
Viol [Tenor] – Loni Patt
Viol [Treble] – Elizabeth Baines, Francis Baines

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Al Petteway - Whispering Stones (USA 1994) @320

With a style which is best described as an artful synthesis of Celtic/British ideas and tunings with American themes and drive, GRAMMY winning guitarist Al Petteway has established himself as one of the most prolific and talented players in the genre.

Washington, D.C.'s dazzling fingerstyle guitar virtuoso, Al Petteway, has weaved together traditional folk tunes and new compositions into a spirited Celtic sound on Whispering Stones. It includes originals for solo guitar and with flute, mandolin, piano, and cello. 
Petteway is a winner of three WAMMIES from the Washington Area Music Association for Best New Artist, Best Instrumentalist and Best Recording.

01 - Spindrift
02 - Felicia's Wish
03 - Whispering Stones
04 - Wolf's Head
05 - The West Wind
06 - Dryad Dance
07 - Song For John
08 - North Country Moor
09 - Magik
10 - The Wedding
11 - Final Passage {For Jimi Hendrix}
12 - Festival Waltz
13 - A New Dawn
14 - The Blacksmith
15 - Sidh Beag Sidh Mor
16 - Midnight Ride
17 - Lady Sarah's Fancy
18 - All Through The Night

Al Petteway - Guitar 
with guests:
Pat Petteway - Piano, bells, clarinet, percussion;
Felicia Petteway - Flute;
Diana McFadden - Cello;
Akira Otsuka - mandolin;
Zan McLeod - octave mandolin performed by GRAMMIE winning acoustic guitarist and WAMMIE Award winner

Friday, December 22, 2017

Jean-Michel Veillon & Yvon Riou - Pont Gwenn ha Pont Stang [1995 France] @VBR256

Jean-Michel Veillon
Born on the north coast of Brittany, Jean-Michel Veillon was first a dancer and then a bombard* player in his teens. He then started to play the transverse wooden flute, getting
his first influences from various Irish flute players, but then created distinct articulation techniques, more adapted to the Breton music.
Jean-Michel toured Europe and the U.S extensively from the 1980’s until today as a founder 
member of the highly praised KORNOG, PENNOU SKOULM, DEN, BARZAZ, OUD’SAMES, Alain GENTY Group, Dan AR BRAZ & Heritage des Celtes, Jacques PELLEN & Celtic Procession (jazz and trad fusion), and recently toured with the prestigious tabla player ZAKIR HUSSAIN, recording a live CD (« Distant Kin ») at the San Francisco Jazz Center together with Indian, Scottish and Irish musicians.
Widely credited with introducing the simple system wooden flute into Breton folk music and primarly responsible, through his intensive teaching efforts and hundreds of concerts and festivals appearances, for its enthusiastic adoption among many dozens of young musicians throughout Brittany, Jean-Michel has achieved widespread recognition as one of world’s premier traditional flute players.
[* Bombard : old type of very loud double reed oboe, almost an emblem of Brittany] 

Yvon Riou
Guitar player from the coast of Tregor*, started with playing the open tuning (dadgad type), popularized in Brittany by guitarists like Soïg Sibéril and Gilles Le Bigot. He later developed his own very personal style of accompaniment, both sensitive and energetic, which makes him sound like no other.
Yvon played with the breton bands Skolvan & Pennoù Skoulm and accompanied on several occasions famous Irish musicians like Brid Harper or the trio Paul Bradley, Ger Fitzgerald & Joe Mc Kenna. He was also part of the Brian Mc Combe band with the Brittany-based bodhrán player and percussionist David « Hopi » Hopkins, touring several times all over France and Poland.
[*Tregor : beautiful part of northern Brittany, cuturally very rich and dynamic]
Created in 1993, the duo Veillon-Riou was the first flute and guitar duo dedicated to Breton music, playing in innumerable festoù-noz* in Brittany, but also in concert with a repertoire extending to Irish & Scottish music and beyond. Jean-Michel & Yvon have toured extensively in Ireland (recording a live album – « Beo » – at the Culturlann McAdam O Fiaich in Belfast) but also played in Poland, Italy, England, USA and Canada).

[Festoù-noz *(night-fests) : dance-evenings very popular all over Brittany]

01 - Derrière Les Fagots
02 - E Bro Dreger
03 - Dañs Plin
04 - Bal Ha Dañs Plin
05 - Merc'hed Banleg
06 - Kantk Digristen - Ton An Arvar
07 - Ronde Des Chiens Et Des Loups
08 - Adlodennañ
09 - La Place
10 - Menez Bre
11 - Polkas De La Météo Marine
12 - Oye Vie
13 - Reels
14 - Limerick's Lamentation

Flute – Jean-Michel Veillon
Guitar – Yvon Riou
Recorded By, Mixed By – Jacky Molard
Vocals – Gi Laodren (tracks: 7), Rose Troadec (tracks: 10)

Peter Bellamy - The Barrack-Room Ballads of Rudyard Kipling [1976 England] @320

2012 Remaster - 2 CDs

Peter Bellamy made a name for himself setting Rudyard Kipling’s poems to music and turning them into rather fine songs. Most of Peter’s settings have appeared on CD now, but his classic collection of the Barrack Room ballads has never been reissued in its entirety. 
Fellside acquired the rights to the master tapes and now presents it in full with the aded bonus of a further selection Peter was working on when he died.

01 - Tommy
02 - Soldier Soldier
03 - Mandalay
04 - Troopin'
05 - Cells
06 - Danny Deever
07 - Bill 'awkins
08 - Shillin' A Day
09 - Loot
10 - The Widow At Windsor
11 - The Widow's Party
12 - Gunga Din

01 - Ford O' Kabul River
02 - Follow Me 'ome
03 - Young British Soldier
04 - The Baynit And The Butt
05 - That Day
06 - Private Ortheris' Song
07 - Cholera Camp
08 - The Ladies
09 - Gentlemen Rankers
10 - Route Marching
11 - Back To The Army Again
12 - Bill 'awkins (Alernative Version) Bonus Track

Peter Bellamy: Vocals, Concertina, Music By.
Chris Birch: Fiddle, Harmony Vocals.
Tony Hall: Melodeon.
Rudyard Kipling: Words by.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jean-Michel Veillon - Beo! (2000 France/ Bretagne) @320

01. Ton Per Bodouin - Dans Fisel
02. Koadhouarn / Ollie Deus Kentucky
03. Ar Meliner
04. Yannig Kongar / Ar Vagerez / Dans Kerne
05. Eamonn An Chnoic / Raghad'sa Mo Cheaiti
06. The Road To Cashel / The Green Mountain
07. Medyatsiner Waltz / Air Macedonien
08. Marig Ar Polanton
09. Policeman's Holiday / Gan Aim / The Rambling Pitchfork
10. Fretless Flute Song
11. Ton Simpl / Tamm Kreiz
12. Lann Vihan I / Lan Vihan II / Ton Tri
13. Kas A Barh
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